• SPECIAL #1 – Oil Change, Inspection & Fluid Top Up
    $45 incl. tax and disposal (Most Cars)
  • Change Oil and Filter using up to 5L of Castrol 5W30 oil
    Visual Inspection of all components, adjust tire pressures and top up all fluids
  • Special #2 – Transmission Service
    Starting at $59.99
  • Drain and fill Transmission using manufacture approved fluids
    Up to 5L of Castrol Transmission fluid
    Pan removal and filter change extra
  • Special #3 – Complete Brake Inspection
    Starting at $29.99
  • Road Test vehicle
    Inspect friction material for proper wear
    Inspect rotors and drums for corrosion, glazing and uneven wear
    Inspect calipers, slides and wheels cylinders for leakage
  • Tire Installation
  • Remove tire, clean rim, replace valve stem, install and balance tire.
    Starting at $20.00 per tire
    Winter rim and tire installation.
    Starting at $40